About us

Melbourne Residence is the first of its kind in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The neighbourhood feature modern homes that meet up with standard, functional, open-plan living. Our properties are designed with a fusion of concepts to bring you great homes with Australian functionality. The homes are modified to suit Cambodia’s tropical climate.

In addition, our deluxe homes feature ultramodern facilities and state-of-the-art amenities. There are swimming pool, relaxation area, parking space, well-designed living room and lots more for your comfort and convenience. The living space, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom are well designed to suit your taste and style.

Furthermore, our homes at Melbourne Residence are highly energy efficient. Our expert planners and designers have incorporated energy efficiency into the designs to minimise household energy usage. With this, we are able to create a living atmosphere that is safe and condusive for both human and the environment.

Serene and Peaceful Environment

Our private, secure and exclusive homes are located in a serene and tranquil environment. Situated in the heart of Siem Reap, home of the majestic Angkor Wat Temples, you are offered a peaceful village lifestyle while deriving all the pleasures and amenities of living in the city. Our homes also feature state-of-the-art amenities and ultramodern facilities. All these will help provide you with the dream home you always desired.

Proximity to Social Amenities

In addition, Melbourne Residence offers close proximity to various social amenities including schools, markets, healthcare services, shopping centres, banks, commercial centres, airport, hotels and resorts, spas, restaurants and cafes.

Optimum Safety And Security​

Optimum Safety And SecurityMelbourne Residence is located in a gated community. This provided the required level of privacy, security, and safety required for any modern home. The gate is guarded 24 hours, 7 days a week by a reliable security guard. No unauthorized persons will be able to gain access to your property. With this, you can be sure that your items and belongings are perfectly safe.

Melbourne Residence offers you three categories of homes depending on your budget and preference. We have the Standard Villa, Twin Villa, and King Villa 1955. Irrespective of your choice of home, we have the ideal modern home for you.​

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