King Villa 1955

King Villa 1955 is a deluxe home in the Melbourne Residence neighbourhood. Featuring five standard bedrooms and six bathrooms, the home helps you achieve the luxurious, king-like lifestyle you always dreamed of. The home also offers an amazing view from the second floor rooftop. All bedrooms have their own veranda for seating as well. What you get here is the ultimate and unparalleled comfort.


Furthermore, the King Villa 1955 is equipped with other facilities including gaming room, L-shaped swimming pool, laundry room, pantry, and lots more. The huge living room, full kitchen, sophisticated dining area, and well-furnished sitting area makes the home look amazing and extraordinary. There is also a huge space to organize your parties, events, and family gatherings. King Villa 1955 in Melbourne Residence is the epitome of a luxury home.

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